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School of Extra-Curricular Studies (SES)




When you are a Practitioner of NLP you have the most advanced communication tools to apply in Coaching, Education, Therapy, Parenting, Relationships and Business. When you understand NLP you are able to have a greater understanding on how people function and how they generate their behavior. You also have the tools to run your own mind and help others change limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Neuro Linguistic Programming originated in the 1970's as a result of pioneering work of Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Together they studied and modeled the work of the most effective therapists and captured distilled and formulated their patterns in a way that was transferable to others. As a result of their work they were able to map , label and understand the structure of human experience and how to create change.
This work is the result of geniuses studying geniuses.

Here is some of what you will learn.

• Presuppositions of NLP

• How to easily gain rapport with others

• How to read others

• Learn how to recognize which senses others use most and how to adapt your communication to step into their world.

• Learn advanced questioning methods

• Learn how to communicate your message so it received on a deep level of consciousness

• Learn how to coach yourself and others to build strong motivation

• Learn how to use metaphor as a way of communicating hypnotically engaging the listener on all levels.

• Access powerful and resourceful states of mind in yourself and others

• Produce perceptual changes in others in a natural conversational way.

• Understand the building blocks of thoughts and internal experience and how to change easily.

• Learn how to discover the strategies of others and how to use strategies of excellence

• Resolve conflict in a truly elegant and ecological way.

• Understand the Logical levels of how the mind processes.

• Have a deep understanding of human behavior.

• Change behaviors

• Dismantle Phobias and other unwanted triggers

This course combines the convieniece of in-class and home learning so you have the convenience reducing the time away from work. With the advantage of pragmatic in-class experiential learning with a highly experienced qualified NLP Trainer.

In-class 7 days with Mp3 to review at home totals 120 Hours.


Russell Potts CH, CMH

Russell Potts is president of the international hypnosis Society, A highly skilled practicing hypnotherapist and Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP. He co-trains with Training Trances author Julie Silverthorn and together they teach up to instructor level.

Having over 10 years of study practice and research Russell teaches NLP and Hypnosis to Certification level. Russell trained with the world leaders in the field of both hypnosis and NLP. He modeled his teachers and assimilated their skills. He also spent 3 years with Europe's leading NLP Institute where he also taught on hypnosis certification seminars.

As a Hypnosis, NLP Trainer and highly accomplished NLP modeler Russell is able to distil and refine theory and practice to teach you in a way that you have both conscious understanding and unconscious ability to put into practice what you have learned. His students like his clear explanation, empathy, range, humour and hypnotic mastery. The learning is entertaining fun and memorable.

Date: 15-21/Feb/2010 (7 days)

Time: 2-9pm

Fee: HK$18,000 included material with MP3 (which cost HK$3500 if purchase)
(early bird HK$16,000 before 15/Jan/2010)
Cert. HK$1200


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