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School of Extra-Curricular Studies (SES)



Ericksonian Hypnosis Level 1

Although the roots and use of hypnotic trance date back to ancient civilizations, its use became endorsed by the medical and psychological community of UK and US in the 1950's. Ericksonian hypnosis is a term describing the work of the late Dr. Milton Erickson, who successfully conducted therapy sessions with over 30,000 patients. He was renowned for using hypnosis in an elegant conversational and intuitive manner which respected the individuality of the clients with whom he worked. Prior to Dr. Erickson, Hypnosis was authoritarian and scripted. By contrast Ericksonian hypnotherapy engages the cooperation principle and deep levels of rapport, resulting in a heightened level of success and ecology.

During this intensive two (2) day seminar you will learn how to induce hypnotic trance elegantly and conversationally and in a more intuitive and flexible way. When we use hypnosis we are able to tap into the vast potential of our unconscious mind's wonderful ability to make long and lasting personal changes.

This training is ideal for: NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners, coaches, therapists, body workers, teachers, doctors, dentists, healers, hypnotherapists, and those who would like to further develop their communication skills. It is also very valuable for the Hypnotherapist who has not been trained in Ericksonian techniques…and those members of the public who are the plain curious.

During this course you will learn:

• To deepen your connection with your inner mind
• How to use hypnosis with yourself and others
• How the Mind functions
• How to induce hypnotic trance conversationally
• How to take clients through a change process
• How to give hypnotic suggestions and posthypnotic suggestions
• How to recognize and utilize every day trance states
• Suggestibility Testing
• Pacing and Leading
• Hypnotic Language Patterns for success
• Elegant Hypnotic Inductions
• Trance deepening
• Direct and Indirect Suggestion

Most of all you will learn a lot and have fun. You will laugh, feel inspired and enjoy the feelings of working in trance yourself! It is a great flow state for the practitioner to work in, as you learn to more deeply trust your inner mind and intuition. Trance work is transformational and has a ripple effect into all areas of life. Join us for two fun, challenging and fruitful days of trance!


Russell Potts CH, CMH

Russell Potts is president of the international hypnosis Society, A highly skilled practicing hypnotherapist and Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP. He co-trains with Training Trances author Julie Silverthorn and together they teach up to instructor level.

Having over 10 years of study practice and research Russell teaches NLP and Hypnosis to Certification level. Russell trained with the world leaders in the field of both hypnosis and NLP. He modeled his teachers and assimilated their skills. He also spent 3 years with Europe's leading NLP Institute where he also taught on hypnosis certification seminars.

As a Hypnosis, NLP Trainer and highly accomplished NLP modeler Russell is able to distil and refine theory and practice to teach you in a way that you have both conscious understanding and unconscious ability to put into practice what you have learned. His students like his clear explanation, empathy, range, humour and hypnotic mastery. The learning is entertaining fun and memorable.

Date: (2 days)
12-Feb-2010 Time: 7-11pm
13-Feb-2010 Time: 10am-8pm

Fee: HK$3,500 (early bird HK$3,000 before 15-Jan-2010)


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