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School of Extra-Curricular Studies (SES)



Learn Spanish

A Spanish Crash Course for Beginners

( http://www.hkich.com  )


Mode : Basically, this is a one-to-one private tuition.
(One-to-two or one-to-three can be specially arranged.)


Spanish   :  Spanish taught in this course is the Spanish as being spoken in Spain, not in Latin American countries.

(it is noted that a vast majority of Spanish courses in Hong Kong are being taught by Latin American rather than Spanish instructors)


Objective :  The objective of this course is to get learners speak Spanish from the very first gathering.
(A direct sentence-pattern approach (instead of grammar) is used to facilitate learning.)


Time : To be mutually agreed.

Venue : Course is held at your appointed venue.

Session : Duration of a session is usually 60 or 90 minutes.

(Longer duration of sessions can be arranged)

Frequency : Usually once a week or at a mutually agreed frequency.

Medium : Medium of instruction can be English, Catonese, Putonghua or the mixture of them, as your preference may be.

(Text and supplementary material are in English.)

Enquiry : For enquiry and arrangement of sessions please call
Uncle Dominic  at 9128 8649

or email to: dominiclien@yahoo.com.hk


有關課程之查詢及報名可致電: 星期一至五11am-1pm 25717571 或 91288649 (Dominic先生) 或電郵: ses@hkich.com


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