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The Professional Practitioner course

Please be reminded that all in house courses will be conducted in Cantonese

Professional Practitioner Course lasts for 1 year, approximately 60 credits is needed for completion of course. Besides the 4-theory lesson each week, students are required to hand in practice assignment each month ( about 80 hours for the whole course).
Our courses are accredited by Universities and can be exempted for degree courses and students can sit for the examination for the official approval working licences from the Government of People's Repubilc of China.

Professional Practitioner Course
The following subjects - and far more - are all covered in detail:
‧ What hypnosis can and cannot do
‧ What hypnosis is - and what it is not
‧ How to be have a successful professional hypnotherapy career
‧ The difference between the stage hypnotist and the hypnotherapist
‧ How to hypnotise almost anybody - including yourself
‧ Choosing the best induction
‧ How to recognise when somebody IS hypnotised
‧ How to effect safe release from the hypnotic state
‧ Direct and indirect therapeutic intervention
‧ How to get to the 'roots' of problems
‧ An overview of Past Life Regression
‧ Working with pain and physical illness
‧ Dealing with stress and anxiety
‧ Successful client management
‧ Instant understanding of personality types
‧ Working with cause, rather than effect

Course outcome
Students will be competent enough to work effectively with most issues with which, including:
Quitting Smoking Dealing with Habits Anxiety and Stress
Personal Problems Phobias and Fears Weight control
Pain Relief Most Depressions Test/exam Fears
Unresolved Grief Work Related Stress Confidence Problems
Sleeping Difficulties Poor Self Image Career Enhancement
Goal Achievement Relationship Problems Public Speaking
Psycho-sexual Problems Concentration Memory Enhancement

Course flow

Module 1
10th, 11th,
3    4

Courses exemption is available when applying for universities' courses responsible by ICL distance learning center.
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