The Leading institute of the HK hypnotherapy courses

Our international approval diploma course is the only and the most comprehensive hypnotherapy course in Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (HKICH) is the only institute in Hong Kong offering the international approval Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course. Student completes the course (past all practices, examinations and tests), may receive the diploma issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Hypnosis .

This institute's running the curriculum for a couple of years, throughout the period it receives many precious opinions. The curriculum also unceasingly makes revisions. We now had achieved the international level, and obtains many official approval from world wide prestigious organizations. For example Hong Kong Guild of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, The Hypnotherapy Society, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners etc.

Some of our courses are accredited by Universities and can be exempted for degree courses and students can sit for the examination for the official approval working licences from the Government of People's Repubilc of China.

Through our courses and graduate's specialized performance, gives the public a good understanding of clinical hypnotherapy, provides a comprehensive training opportunity for those interested in the hypnotherapy field. Hope all students can follow "Viryue, Honesty, Benevolence" the three big principles for the therapist. Heart as a key unlocks the minds in needed. Skills the knowledge to contribute to the society.

The School of Extra-Curricular Studiesis (SES) the extension arm of Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.
International Division : Starting from 2005, the institute will offer a range of programs at different levels to cater for the education needs of those interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
ICL distance learning center : Undergrudate and Postgraduate Courses from different Universities.