Our international approval diploma course is the only
and the most comprehensive hypnotherapy course in Hong Kong

Message from Director

“What makes your Professional Practitioner course so differ from other hypnotherapy course in Hong Kong?” a foreign journalist once asked me. A number of questions come up: Why only my Professional Practitioner course can obtain official approval from world wide prestigious organizations? Why does my Professional Practitioner course spend a whole year while others only need one or two months? Why the graduates from HKICH can obtain higher qualification in overseas hypnotherapy organization?

I think it possibly because, I am not only teaching hypnosis, but training a hypnotist. The graduates of HKICH study and apply theory of psychology, clinical psychotherapy in addition to the skills on hypnosis. Other short course certainly cannot cover all the aspects that appear in this comprehensive course. I am training an all-rounded hypnotherapist but hypnotist.

She continued, “This sounds like differ from the motivation and learning style of Hong Kong people. They like grasping key points within short period of time but ignoring the basic therapy, wouldn't it be dangerous?” I do not totally agree with her view, “... It is similar to the go-kart racing you have in mainland China. Once you know how to operate the accelerator and brake, you can already control the car. But it is surely not as good as the professional competitor. HKICH is training high- quality clinical hypnotherapist through practicing and questioning. To consolidate the learnt theory, students are encouraged to learn through practice actively. If they focus on the shortcut, they would likely to give-up in the halfway or seek courses which emphasis on the superficial. Many organizations are eager to recruit unsuccessful applicants or drop-outs from HKICH because their basic concepts are even clearer than their own students.”

Concerning the special criteria of admission, the most important of all is “let go”. As a student, you ought to “let go” your own image, identity for acquiring new knowledge. We treat every student in HKICH as a new-learner, there is no distinction between identities. For applicants who are not willing to accept advice or seeks quick success and instant benefits, they are not the one for our field.